Kadyrov wandered off into the air again. This time he was asked about his favorite book World news

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Ramadan Kadyrov He was a guest on Russia Today, a Russian propaganda channel. Chairman Chechnya He answered questions from the audience. One of the questions was about rumors that Kadyrov is ill. The head of Chechnya denied this information. – Every three months I do tests, I do full tests, diagnoses. I am healthy. Many people want us to be sick, but we are healthy enough to hate them,” he said.

At the end of the show, Kadyrov decided to prove himself physically. When challenged to do 40 push-ups, he immediately dropped to the floor and did 35 incomplete push-ups.

They asked Kadiro about his favorite book. A surprising answer

The Chechen dictator was also asked about his favorite book.

In the posts on social media, one can observe a look of bewilderment on Ramzan Kadirov’s face. Putin’s friend replied after a while that he doesn’t like reading books. – I love it when people write about what you do. People’s opinion is different from what they write. There is no such thing as pure history (described in books – edition), Kadyrov explained.

“When you start reading with interest and then discuss it with the author, you’re bound to be disappointed if he says something else specific.” It’s not interesting. Especially our writers one-on-one questions. I try to make them write well RepublicA good mark should be left in history,” he said.

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Kadyrov said he occasionally watches movies, mostly in Turkish. – There you are more nervous than happy. Although I know the history, I also watched Islamic films. I watch more historical films,” said the Chechen dictator.

Ramzan Kadyrov calls himself a scientist, but he does not read books

The program was released by Anton Herashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs. Kadyrov, an honorary researcher at the Chechen Academy of Sciences, an honorary professor of Russian universities and an author of scientific articles, wrote Herashchenko, “I don’t like reading very much.

Ukrainian media remind that Kadyrov often calls himself a scientist. He prides himself on his “topics” and “scientific papers” mainly in the field of economics and political science.

According to the Tuga.ru portal, in July 2006 he was elected an honorary academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Chechen Republic. In the following years, he received other pseudo-academic degrees, including an honorary professorship of the Chechen State University in June 2007, and in 2011 he defended his doctorate.

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