Jujutsu Kaisen Fans Continue To Go Crazy Over Megan Thee Stallion’s New Song

Yuuji Itadori may just be a high school student fighting for his life in the world Jujutsu Kaisen Anime, but now it’s caught the attention of a global star IRL. Rapper Megan Thee Stallion — the official hottie and anime lover — is shouting it out loud on her new album, Megan.song for her,hot otaku girl“, contains an introduction narrated by Itadori’s English voice actor and numerous references to jujutsu kaisen And other anime.

Megan Thee Stallion is fired Megan On Friday, fans quickly noticed the intro to “Hot Otaku Girl,” which begins with a voice-over introduction from Adam MacArthur, the voice actor for Yuuji Itadori’s character in the English dub. Jujutsu Kaisen In addition to Sampling the melody From the anime. In the song, MacArthur says in Itadori’s voice that he likes “a tall woman with a nice big butt, like Grammy Award winner Megan Thee Stallion”, and refers to other characters from the series by name, such as Gojo Satoru.

The intro refers to a viral fan moment within the film jujutsu kaisen com.fandom.in the Official English DubbingAnother character asks Itadori who his type is and he says, “A tall woman with a nice big ass. Just saying, Jennifer Lawrence.” Based on this, fans have spread the idea that Itadori would also have a crush on Megan, because she could be his type and because she is a known anime fan. In response to However, Adam McArthur shared an audio clip on By fans and now, the track has generated excitement among fans as people have shared it widely Reaction videos on TikTok.

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But the song’s anime references aren’t limited to Itadori only, the lyrics also mention things like: Gojo and Sasuke’s range-extending powers Naruto. But the singer had trouble with this track. The musician said she had to re-record the song a few days before the album’s release because she didn’t get permission to use character names in her song. “I really hope you all think this shit looks fiery because I had to jump through 8 million hoops to get this shit.” She said in a live broadcast on Instagram.

The song overflows with Megan’s love for anime. However, the artist has had to deal with fans who think she is a fake fan despite her frequent participation in several anime fan communities. In her years as a star, she became known for her amazing costumes and references Naruto In one of her hit songs, “Girls in the Hood.” Now, the song allows her to respond to her doubters. In one line, she talks about how she won’t be bothered by people having anime avatars online. She sings, “I won’t argue with that crazy Sasuke Avi/Incel, I’m a web and I’m evil.”

So, if you want to hear some anime-inspired lyrics, “Otaku Hot Girl” is now available for listeners.

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