It was devastating. The Russians lost a “toy” worth a fortune – o2

Two-seater Russian attack helicopter shot down by Ukrainians over Zaporizhia region. The Mi-28 combat helicopter that was shot down near the town of Scooters has the name Havoc in NATO structures, meaning “devastation”. However, this particular machine no longer poses a threat to Ukrainians.

Ukrainians shot down a Russian attack helicopter. It is worth about 18 million dollars

A video of the remains of the crashed helicopter has surfaced on social media. This was published by a Ukrainian consultant on Twitter Ministries of Home Affairs Anton Heraschenko.

The picture shows soldiers standing on the plated metal part of the machine. They manage to take apart one of the Russian helicopter’s weapons.

The Mi-28 was developed as a counterpart to the US AH-64 Apache helicopter. Its main objective is to destroy tanks. The machine has two seats for the pilots who sit back to back.

The fighting compartment is built in an integrated structure: the gunner’s seat is under the pilot’s seat. The machine is built so that the main components of the cased structure are less important and the most important components are duplicated. A helicopter hit cannot destroy both engines.

The estimated price of the machine is $ 18 million (more than PLN 85 million – editor’s note) – Anton Heraszczenko wrote for the film.

Losses of the Russians in the Ukraine. Nearly 50,000 people have died since the war began. Players

A few days ago, the BBC also reported on Russia’s losses among its best-trained players. The Russian Army lost more than 900 elite units during the war as they were used for assault missions instead of infantry.

The BBC’s Russian-language editors insist it will take years to produce and cost millions of dollars.

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