India. The candidate won the local elections two weeks after his death

A candidate for Hasanpur Municipal Council in India’s Uttar Pradesh state has won a seat two weeks after his death, the Times of India newspaper reported on Tuesday.

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Thirty-year-old candidate Ashiya B died unexpectedly 12 days before the municipal council elections in Hasanpur, east Delhi, after falling ill.

According to the website of another daily, Daily Tribune, the widower immediately informed the Election Commission about his wife’s death, but it turned out that there was no procedure to withdraw a dead candidate from the list. “Once the election process starts, it cannot be stopped” Election Commission Officer Bhagwan Charan explained.

Although the news of the candidate’s death spread quickly, the residents, whose young acquaintance had gained considerable popularity, decided to vote for him regardless of the circumstances. It should be a mark of respect for her – explains the daily.

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The daily concludes that personal and family ties “often play a decisive role in India’s colorful electoral politics”.

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