In the United States, it is the most expensive drug approved for sale in the country. It cost $2.8 million

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved biotechnology concern Bluebird Bio’s drug to market, costing $2.8 million. The product is to be used to treat a rare disease called bethalassemia that requires frequent blood transfusions, Reuters reported.

A drug called Zynteglo Allows the use of gene therapyIt is, as far as concerns are concerned, useful after one use.

Beta-thalassemiaAlso known as thyroid cell anemia, when severe, blood transfusions are needed every two to five weeks.

Tom Klima, chief operating officer of Bluebird Bio, told Reuters ahead of the FDA’s approval of the drug on Wednesday. The average lifetime cost of blood transfusions in the U.S. is $6.4 million, so Zynteglo, despite its higher cost, “may still be profitable for patients.”

Bluebird Bio, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, specializes in developing treatments for serious genetic disorders and cancer.

The company is in talks with health insurers in hopes of getting a one-time subsidy for the Zynteglo treatment.

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