Hungary is a growing problem for the EU. This is how they approach Putin

However, Budapest did not want to accept such a solution.

“However, the proposal in this form is unacceptable to the Hungarians, who want to exempt Russian oil supplies by tankers from sanctions against their country.“- An EU source told PAP.

According to PAP information, on Sunday night, the European Commission is due to prepare a new plan to be discussed by the ambassadors of the member states on Monday morning. The EU summit will begin in the afternoon.

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Budapest’s position came as a surprise to other EU countries on Sunday. Everyone realizes that this is a political siege of sanctions. European Commission Announced on Monday that it would present a new plan that would take into account the objections of the Hungarians, “said PAP.

There was also a need to establish an import tax on the debate in order to maintain equality of market competition in the event of exemptions.

Hungary is one of the countries most skeptical of the embargo, which has opposed these plans because of its dependence on the Russian raw material for its economy. The group also includes the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The European Union has proposed suspending the embargo on these countries, which will take effect in 2024 in their case.



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