Hungary. Budapest opposes ninth round of economic sanctions against Russia

Szijjarto reiterated Budapest will not accept EU sanctionsthreatens Hungarian national interest, including its energy security. – Already referring to the ninth set of economic sanctions, there was another increase in gas prices on world markets – added the politician in an interview with Radio Kossuth. The head of Hungarian diplomacy emphasized. Third power in Hungary. – On the other hand Blocks built by Russians will reduce electricity billsThe new sanctions are therefore against Hungary’s interests, he added.

– The fuel rods for the four existing nuclear power units in Hungary are to be supplied by Russian manufacturers. Hungary is satisfied with Russian suppliers. The rods are a long-term guarantee of Hungary’s energy security – explained the politician. Szijjarto also stressed the importance of dialogue between the US and Russia to end the war in Ukraine. – and during the Cold War World War III was averted because of communication along the Washington-Moscow route – he pointed out.

The expansion of the nuclear power plant in Baux is one of the key projects of Viktor Orbán’s government.. In early 2014, the construction of two new units with a capacity of 1,200 MW each was entrusted to the Russian state-owned company Rosatom. The entire investment will cost about 12 billion euros, 80 percent of which will be covered by Russian debt.

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