Holidays in Egypt. A six-year-old boy from Italy has died

The family, who lived in Palermo, Sicily, went Vacation to Egypt. They stayed at a famous resort Sharm el-Sheikh On the Red Sea.

Almost a week after arriving, six-year-old Andrea, his mother Rosalia and father Antonio fell ill – they Nausea and abdominal pain. The family went to a local doctor for help.

He found all three Food poisoning And prescribed the appropriate medicines for them. The family decided to consult their doctor in Italy about this. He confirmed that the drugs given to them should help them.

However, the condition of the father, mother and their son worsened hour by hour. Finally They were taken to hospital. The worst was with the child – the boy died a few hours later. According to the Egyptian side, the official cause of death was acute food poisoning.

On the other hand, the child’s father found out Intensive Care Unit, He had been coming there for several days. The man’s wife recovered very quickly. After leaving the hospital, the woman tried to take her sick husband to Italy, but the doctors did not agree to it for a long time. They refused to provide medical records Patient.

The desperate woman appealed to the Italian authorities for help in bringing her family home.

– My name is Rosalia Manosperti, since Saturday I have been with my husband in the hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh, where we also lost our six-year-old son. I request all competent companies to take steps to bring us to Italy as soon as possible. Because Our health does not allow us to operate the regular scheduled flight. Help us go home – he said in a media post.

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