He was murdered in Buksa. They found him through a photo – o2

During the occupation, there were massive crimes committed by Russian soldiers in Bucha. Now the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine is trying to establish the identity of all those who participated in it. In some cases, the Russians did not hide what they were doing.

Killed civilians and took selfies

Journalists from “Slidstwo.Info” received photos of one of the Russian soldiers responsible for the Bucza crimes. According to information from the investigation, he is responsible for the kidnapping and murder of a resident of Andriiwka in the Buczańsk region. He was identified through a selfie taken with a stolen phone.

The culprit was 20-year-old Russian contract soldier Daniel Frolkin. He allegedly kidnapped a local man who allegedly provided information to the Ukrainian military about the movement of Russian equipment. Two days later, the wife found her husband dead.

The prosecutor’s office lists the 20-year-old’s crimes

Frolkin’s name has already appeared on the list of criminals published by the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office. As it was established, the 20-year-old soldier belonged to the 64th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Russia.

The prosecutor’s office established that he illegally detained an unarmed civilian while occupying the village of Andrivka. Frolkin beat the man and shot him in the head. The intruder also stole another villager’s car, entered his house and threatened him with a gun.

A 96-year-old man was robbed

The Russian posted a photo of himself with the stolen medals on social media. Now Frolkin is suspected of, among other things, premeditated murder.

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Massacre at Bucha. The OSCE released the latest data

According to police data, the invaders killed more than 1,500 civilians in the Kiev region alone. Most of the crimes were committed in the Buczański area, where more than 1.1 thousand people were killed. People. The OSCE released a report that provided evidence that Russian forces had carried out “targeted and organized killings of civilians in Buksa”.

In addition, the report documented the use of Ukrainian citizens as “human shields”, Force them to fight alongside the Russians against their own country in an ongoing war and resettle them to Russia without their consent. Russian soldiers held more than 300 Ukrainian citizens captive for 25 days in March this year, using them as human shields.

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