Hailstones pierced facades and car windows, and the rain turned the capital into “little Venice”.

A severe storm hit Romania during the night from Thursday to Friday. Heavy rains and strong winds caused heavy damage in various parts of the country.

During the night from Thursday to Friday, storms passed over the city of Cluj-Napoca in northwestern Romania. Due to the pressure of the heavy rain, the roof of the shop collapsed and water entered the shops.

Some parts of the country also experienced hailstorms. Ice balls the size of tennis balls left holes in the facades of houses. Car windows were also damaged by hail.

Hail in Romania ENEX

Holes in car after hail ENEX

Storm in the capital

After the storm, Bucharest became “Little Venice”. Many roads and houses were submerged in water. Severe weather has brought traffic to a standstill in Romania’s capital.

– I tried to drive, but it was too deep and water poured into the engine – said one of the drivers.

– Strong winds broke branches and uprooted trees. A power pole fell and cars were damaged, Pro TV journalist Delia Birla said.

Firefighters carried out at least 150 interventions across the country. Hail carpets appeared on the streets of the town of Tropeta-Ternu Severin. There, strong winds tore off dozens of roofs, one of which fell onto several parked cars.

A terrible storm passed over RomaniaENEX

Main photo source: ENEX

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