Great Britain hands over Challenger 2 tanks to Poland. We will hand over our T-72 to Ukraine.

The British Minister of National Defense announced that Great Britain would send Challenger 2 tanks to Poland so that our country would send T-72 engines as an alternative to Ukraine.

Great Britain also sends armored vehicles directly to Ukraine. According to the BBC, a report on the matter will be issued later by Ben Wallace.

Boris Johnson told a news conference in Delhi that military support for Ukraine was growing. He also announced that a “subsidiary” would be sent to Poland to send equipment to our neighbors.

The Russian bombings in Ukraine will continue until the end of next year, and there is a “realistic possibility” that Russia will be able to win the ongoing war. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed on Friday.

When asked during a visit to India, Johnson asked if he agreed with intelligence that Russia’s bombing of Ukraine could continue until the end of next year and that Russia could eventually win: The sad thing is, this is a realistic possibility. Of course“.

Putin has the largest army. His political situation is very difficult because he made a catastrophic mistake. The only way he now has is to continue this terrifying approach, led by artillery, to crush the Ukrainians. It is very close to capturing domestic isthmus in Mariupol. I am afraid the situation at this point is unpredictable. We need to be realistic in this matter – Said the British Prime Minister.

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