Germany’s road traffic agency says 59,000 Tesla cars have software bugs

Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks during the official opening of Tesla’s new electric vehicle manufacturing plant on March 22, 2022 near Gruenheide, Germany.

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Germany’s road traffic agency said it was summoning Tesla Models Y and 3 due to a malfunction of the automatic emergency call system affecting 59,000 vehicles globally.

The KBA’s watchdog said on its website on June 29 that a software flaw caused the eCall service, which is designed to automatically call emergency responders, to crash in the event of a serious accident.

German regional radio Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, which serves the region that houses Germany’s Tesla Model Y and battery production site near Berlin, reported the recall on Saturday.

The KBA said 59,129 vehicles were affected globally, but did not specify how many were registered in Germany.

The software flaw presents an additional headache for CEO Elon Musk after Tesla said on Saturday it delivered 17.9% fewer electric vehicles in the second quarter than the previous quarter, as the Covid-19-related Chinese shutdown disrupted production and the supply chain.

Musk said last month that Tesla’s new plants in Texas and Berlin were “losing billions of dollars” as it struggled to increase production due to battery shortages and Chinese port issues.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) early this June upgraded its Probe to 830,000 Tesla vehicles with the advanced Autopilot driver assistance system, a step required before it can request a recall.

Tesla could not be reached for comment.

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