Germany is preparing for a blackout. The Office of Civil Defense has warned

We have to assume that there will be power outages in winter. By that I mean a regional and temporary power outage, Diesler was quoted as saying by the portal of German daily Der Spiegel on Saturday.

The reason is not only lack of power but also deliberate, temporary disconnection of the network by operators to protect the network and avoid threat to the entire supply.

Tysler criticized the fact that government agencies are not always adequately prepared for emergencies such as power outages. He noted that some municipalities and offices are in a “really exemplary” situation, but “others are not prepared enough. It’s very different.”

For months, there have been warnings of possible blackouts in several European countries. Ukraine faces a similar problem, under constant fire from Russia.

Due to the difficult situation in Ukraine Head of the largest private energy company known as his comradesSo, as far as possible, have left the country. “If they could find an alternative place to stay for the next three or four months, it would be very helpful to the system,” he told the BBC. Maksim Timchenko, General Director of DTEK.


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