“Germans are waiting for hard times.” Fears of a new variant, epidemic conditions are possible again in winter

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Journalists asked the prime minister to comment on Orban’s victory and his statements about the Ukrainian president. “Germany is the main obstacle to decisive sanctions”

Karl Lauterbach (SPD) believes that the BA.5 sub-variant will increase the risk of Covid-19, at least in early autumn. “There are tough times ahead,” he said Politician Newspaper In the Welt am Sonntag, problems can arise both in the operation of companies and in critical infrastructure such as hospitals. This is especially the case when houses – due to low temperatures – close their windows as usual this year. Norm.

Germany. Officials warn to be prepared for anything.

Lauterbach still believes the situation won’t suddenly worsen. – I believe that there will not be a big change in the variants (of the corona virus) – if it were not, we would not be in such an epidemic situation – the minister said in an interview. Nevertheless, as he emphasized, Germany needs resources and measures against an epidemic in the event of an emergency.

According to Lauterbach, many people mistakenly believe that milder variants of the virus always prevail in an epidemic. Lighter types have no selection advantage – the politician added: “We have to be prepared for anything.” The virus has changed significantly through mutations and continues to do so, so it has not yet reached its endemic state.

Lauterbach stressed that there are already 100 to 150 deaths per day from the coronavirus. – I fear that this number may increase – says the minister, insisting that one should be well prepared for this. “Also, if the Bundestag passes amendments to the law on protection against epidemics, we will,” he said.

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Talk about protection against infection

In preparation for autumn and winter, the government of the SPD, FDP and Green coalition agreed on the format a few days ago. New A protective measure against infections. It provides for uniform federal rules, including the wearing of FFP2 masks on long-haul transport. However, federal states may introduce their own regulations, e.g. Mandatory wearing of face masks in public places or outdoors if at least one and a half meter distance cannot be maintained.

Saturday’s (August 27) daily “Bilt” cited a survey conducted in the federal states, with differing opinions on the criteria for introducing restrictions and when one can speak of a “specific threat”. Functioning of the health system or other key sectors.

The Minister of Health said in an interview that funding should be increased for related researches Antibiotics Nasal passages, it can be sprayed to increase the resistance of the mucous membranes. “Internationally, Germany is not doing very well in developing these vaccines,” he said. Although research funding is scarce, nasal vaccines have the potential to significantly reduce infection, Lauterbach said.

Mandatory vaccinations and masks

A politician from the ruling SPD also supported the obligation to vaccinate certain professional groups and implicitly supported its extension. When asked whether the temporary vaccination obligation should be extended in December, he replied: – One of the main goals of our epidemic policy is the protection of especially vulnerable groups – the elderly, the sick. Therefore, it also makes sense that those who care for them should not become a threat themselves.

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According to him, it is the ethics of the profession for a doctor or nurse to receive the vaccine, he added.

In addition, Lauterbach denied allegations that students were forced to wear masks starting in the fifth grade. Affecting an entire generation is irresponsible Gr Millions of children are entering – he emphasized. “We still don’t know what this infection will do to children’s immune systems if it happens again. As a society, we can’t take the risk of mass infections at school,” he said.

(AFP, DPA / August)

The text is from the Deutsche Welle website.

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