German Commander: We will increase military presence in Indo-Pacific region

– We don’t want to provoke anyone with our presence, but Send a strong sign of solidarity with our allies Zorn noted that Berlin is “seeing a huge expansion of the Chinese armed forces.”

Last year Germany has sent its first warship to the disputed South China Sea in 20 yearsIt risks irritating China, its main trading partner, reminds Reuters. In turn, in August Berlin has sent 13 military aircraft to Australia for international training.

General Zorn also said The Bundeswehr plans to send troops to Australia for training, which is planned for next year. In 2024, the Navy is going Send some ships to the area.

– With this, we want to confirm our presence there – he emphasized.

Germany for many years It followed a more cautious protectionist policy, giving priority to the development of trade relations. It was dictated by the historical experiences of the country, above all responsible for the outbreak of two world wars.

The situation in the Indo-Pacific region has become very tense After the beginning of August China has engaged in unprecedented military maneuvers in the seas and airspace around Taiwan. It was a reaction to US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island, which Beijing strongly protested against.

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