German citizens in the ranks of the Wagner group

“Tagesspiegel” refers to the words of a 21-year-old German fighting on the side of Ukraine. The informant remains anonymous for security reasons, but his identity is known to the authors. The man is known to be from a small town in Saxony and traveled to Ukraine in February 2022. First, he joined the newly established International Legion for the Defense of Ukraine.

“for the money”

“Two of the prisoners had German passports. One was from Leipzig and had Russian roots. The other was from Volger and Berlin. Neither of them spoke English well, so I was sent to Kiev with them. I was an interpreter during the interrogation. Three days in total,” reports a man in Ukraine known as Ben Cowler. .

“Volker had been unemployed for a long time and left for Russia in September to join Wagner’s army. He had no military experience. He said he did it for the money. His salary was also higher than mine. I get €3,000 a month. As a mercenary for the Wagner group, he gets $5,000 plus allowances. Get $7,000. He says he can get an extra salary: If he kills one of the foreigners and shows the dead man’s passport as proof, he gets an extra $10,000,” the Tagesspiegel informant continues.

A German volunteer fighting for Ukraine noted that the prisoners included an American, French, British and Syrian.

The Wagner group is a private army Evgeny Prigozhin, nicknamed “Putin’s Chef”..

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