Gas flows through Nord Stream 1. But the threat persists

According to industry website Biznes Alert, the head of the Bundesnetzagentur, Klaus Müller, made the announcement on Wednesday, July 20. Gazprom reserved the first capacity for the next day at about 40 percent. bandwidth Reaching 55 billion cubic meters, that is, known before the technology gap.

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Gas flows through Nord Stream 1

A spokesperson for Nord Stream AG told the German news agency around 6.00 Polish time. Gas supply through Nord Stream 1 resumed “- service notes.

Journalist Christian Endt of the German weekly “Die Zeit” wrote on Twitter In the morning, Russian gas imports reached 21.5 GWh, Approximately 30 GWh before maintenance. “The full capacity delivered before June 13 is approximately 70 GWh/h,” he noted.

He says the Russians are already signaling more trouble. “They argue that they have not yet received the required documents Take a Siemens turbine from CanadaIn their opinion, this is necessary for the stable operation of Nord Stream 1, and according to the Germans, this is a pretext for further restrictions on gas supplies to Europe, which has been going on since the summer of 2021, thus fueling energy. Crisis “- we read.

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