France: All against Marine Le Pen’s party. More than 180 candidates withdrew from the second round

Electoral law in parliamentary elections in France stipulates that candidates who receive the majority of votes in the first round win the mandate. If no candidate gets an absolute majority, the two candidates with the best results advance to a second round. Every candidate securing more than 12.5% ​​enters the second round. Votes of all eligible voters in a given district. Due to high turnout, three candidates are contesting in the second round out of 300 districts (out of 577).

Emmanuel Macron’s liberals must even support the far left against Marine Le Pen’s party

In accordance with previous practice, before the second round of parliamentary elections in France, the so-called Republican Front – in three contested districts, the candidate with the lowest result in the first round withdrew and transferred his vote to a second candidate competing with a candidate from the far-right National Union (former National Front). After the first round of elections, won by the National Union (it received 33.15 percent of the vote), French President Emmanuel Macron called for such a coalition of all “democratic” and “republican” forces against Marine Le Pen’s party.

For the first time in history, the National Union has a chance to win an absolute majority (289 seats) in Parliament. It depends on how many seats the party fills in the second round.

So far, 180 candidates who entered the second round have withdrawn – according to media estimates. The rest have till 6 pm to decide.

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