Flights from Manchester were canceled and delayed due to the power outage

All flights from Manchester Airport in northwest England were canceled or delayed on Sunday morning due to a power outage.

The airport and many other facilities in the area are affected by the power outage. According to Sky News, power has already been restored, but the effects of the outage could be felt throughout the day, and passengers already at the airport should expect significant delays and possible flight cancellations.

Power shortage

“Manchester Airport experienced a major power outage in the area this morning. This has caused widespread disruption and we expect a significant number of flights to be delayed or cancelled, particularly from Terminals 1 and 2. We apologize for any inconvenience and are trying to do our best,” airport officials said in a statement.

They added that passengers traveling from these terminals should contact their airlines for updated information before arriving at the airport, while passengers departing from Terminal 3 may experience delays but should arrive at the airport as usual unless instructed otherwise by their carrier.

The outage is having little impact on arrivals to Manchester, but there are some delays at border control.

Main photo source: Estherboon/Shutterstock

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