Fire at the Roman Abramovich Steelworks. “Planned Practice” Soccer

Roman Abramovich Sold Chelsea After the British government cleared him of the attack Russia To Ukraine. The oligarch was punished, among other things, for his close ties to President Vladimir Putin. Sanctions froze all of his British assets and actually forced Chelsea to be put up for sale. The club was taken over by the American Federation Todd Boehly/ Clearlake Capital ends Abramovich’s 19-year tenure.

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Another problem for Abramovich. A fire in a steel factory

According to British media, the sanctions imposed on Russian oligarchs scared Abramovich so much that he had to sell his properties in Great Britain. Now it turns out that the Russian has more problems. A fire broke out at the West Siberian Iron and Steel steel plant in Novokuznetsk (Evraz ZSMK), Kemerovo Region, Russia. The steelworks are managed by Evras, whose partner is Roman Abramovich.

Russian media say the fire was caused by a sharp increase in power. No equipment was damaged in the fire, no damage was reported, and no one was injured. However, watching video footage of the event makes it hard to believe. However, the Evras ZSMK press office reported that the fire was caused by a gas leak. According to the message, the recording shows a “planned process.” After 1.5 mirror works started working again bell.

London-based Evras has been subject to sanctions by the UK government following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The local foreign ministry concluded that the company was operating in a sector strategic to the Russian government. It is about providing steel, which is then used to make tanks.

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