Expect trade talks to resume with Colts RB Jonathan Taylor

When Taylor requested and received permission to take a trade in August, the Dolphins and Packers were the two main potential landing spots. Green Bay offered two mid-round picks to Taylor, but now that the regular season has begun, those talks have ended, sources say.

Sources say: Don’t be surprised if Miami is still an option. They have been in extensive talks with Colts general manager Chris Ballard and despite discussing various options – picks, players, both – no agreement was imminent.

“I can say there was no exchange of offers from any of us, it was just general conversations,” Dolphins general manager Chris Grier told reporters in late August. “As far as being close or anything like that, nothing was really close.”

With four weeks to evaluate its current options, it’s possible Miami could be back in the mix, as no one has closed the door. It is also possible that there is another quality team that needs a right-back and he shows up if an injury occurs or if the player does not perform as well as expected.

There is also a chance – slim but possible – that Taylor will return to play for Indy. That would likely require a contract extension — something the Colts are not yet willing to offer. Meanwhile, Taylor is training hard and, as one source explained, things are calming down.

In other words, all parties now have four weeks to reach a mutually beneficial outcome to end the drama that has continued all summer.

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