Entered his house. The traitor from Buxa was arrested. He cooperated with Russia – o2

According to police, a resident of Krzywy Róg came to Bucza to visit his relatives. In February, the man returned to the invaders. Along with the Russian military, he had to patrol the area and put psychological pressure on the residents of Buxa.

He tortured Ukrainians in Buxa

He said the man made death threats and threatened people with weapons. In addition, he handed over to the Russians the positions held by the Ukrainian authorities. The investigation revealed that the suspect, along with the Russian military, beat and harassed pro-Ukrainian residents.

Authorities have detained the suspect in the Dnipropetrovsk region. He disappeared there after the liberation of the Kiev region from Russian invaders. Police are investigating his joint activities.

He faces a life sentence

That person is suspected of treason and seized state power by overthrowing constitutional order. During the criminal investigation, the police collected evidence that the 62-year-old Ukrainian was involved in crimes. He has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Photos shared on social media by police show that the Ukrainian citizen has Russian documents, Addresses in Moscow and phones of its administration in Russia. Police determine how much he earned for such acts.

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