Enough supporting the people of Donbass! You need to know who to help

Nothing wears me out like the Donbass. The first association of readers is war, explosions, airstrikes, rockets, building debris, sometimes nocturnal evacuations, because they “moved”, they come, “ours may not endure”. However, in reality, you can familiarize yourself with all aspects of combat. Until recently, in Kherson, under the Antonievsky bridge, an ordinary city bus traveled, although on this part of the route occasionally a Russian tank fired from across the river, in Sloviansk – the biggest was in July. Shelling – There was still a pizzeria, although the owner covered the windows with fiberboard so that a possible cluster rocket wouldn’t kill customers with its missiles.

You will certainly get used to the explosions, but a free man brought up in Polish culture will not be able to get used to the people of the post-Soviet Donbass. Western journalists driving from one isolated village to another zduns are painfully annoying, passive, stagnant, lethargic residents of Donbas, driven by Russian slogans, European and American, sometimes Polish, journalists lament the plight of this or the old. A man whose house was destroyed by a rocket near Kramatorsk or Siviersk.

Smart Donbass of jduns and separatists

Meanwhile, Donbass is suffocating, no, not simply from those who support Russia, but from this real working-peasant class drawn from Alexander Zinoviev’s “Homo Sovieticus” assumptions. The writer assumed that Soviet intellectuals were perverted, but if so, This and the poor can be corrupted, not only by communist upbringing, but by three decades of Donbas whining, how this community in eastern Ukraine supported the whole country through its industry (not true), how it could not live without trade with Russia (not true), how it was “better under communism” ( Sorry to comment).

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But if anyone thinks — and Russian propaganda is trying to frame the media message this way — that these people are “pro-Russian,” they’re sorely mistaken. Against everything – the current government, the previous power and the future power, against the factory director who asked him to come to work calmly, against the shopkeeper who wouldn’t let him buy a note book, against the neighbor who wouldn’t give him freebies. Photovoltaic panels “although he has two more than he needs.” Having learned their helplessness and waiting for “someone to come along”, subject to death, “what will be, will be”, They let their kids and grandkids play in the ruins of the brainwashed homes of an elderly tenant killed hours earlier.

Hate? Yes

I have seen their slim behavior. They receive humanitarian aid, food, clothing, electronics for free (stop it, volunteers, take it directly to the people in Donbass!), sometimes resell it, and live happily under Russian bombs, content to make others feel bad about the war. I saw them sell free train tickets to evacuate citizens, saw them fuss about free lunches (I liked it as a customer of Krakow restaurants, but people from moldy apartments didn’t cook it), and heard their nonsense about Jews. , the Americans, representing the Poles (unless they bring gifts), about their wonderful life and unjust fate.

Protestant congregations and Greek Catholic churches are beautiful exceptions, but those who have abandoned Christian values ​​have long since become the gray matter of humanity, and unfortunately, most of them are.

That is why it is better to transfer local aid to local Christian organizations than to give products to those who receive it in cash or they can continue to wait for the Russians..

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We issue a statement

That’s why, after spending there, I don’t know, 12 weeks in total, recording their behavior, dealing with their statements indelibly, it’s hard to pretend you don’t have the satisfaction that they’re generally shy. They sit in a Ukrainian city and say that the Ukrainians are bombing them, they sit by Bagmut and shout “Russia is invincible”, or talk about how good it was in Soviet heaven, and then the Americans come and dry them. to the lake (in Lyman). We were impatient, dragged along by this shameful trick, by these claims against the whole world, by this philosophy of life put together by Solovyov and Skabizhieva, who had been airing their hateful tendencies here for years.

Maybe it carried us too much, after all, we sometimes cursed them on video, we raised our voices, we argued that they almost beat them twice, recorded them without their knowledge or consent, dragged them out of the cellars. Talk because they don’t want to go in, yes, we do not avoid insults for anything, but … in all this, in these human feelings, we can boldly agree with our cameraman Vladislav Karbovich, We have a serious satisfaction: we show our audience the hard, obvious truth hidden in the foundations of Eastern Ukrainian houses: the mentality of contemporary homo sovietikus, people waiting for Russia, ready to rob and even kill, until others suffer even more. than they do.

It should be expressed briefly: people from Donbass, who did not leave there after a decade of hostilities, are completely different from other Ukrainians. Hear incredible conversations with Sovietized people and see for yourself:

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Watch the shocking report about the people of Donbass:

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