England. Queen Elizabeth II is dead. Eva Ewart in the last days of the King’s life

It is a great comfort that Queen Elizabeth spent these last days in Balmoral very happy, surrounded by relatives, social gatherings – said Ewa Ewart, TVN24 journalist and editor of TVN24 documentaries. As he added, “The Queen was slowly disappearing, but with some incredible dignity, filled with great serenity”.

Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland At the age of 96. He sat on the throne for more than 70 years – longer than any British monarch in history. When he died, the throne was automatically usurped by his eldest son Charles, who was named Charles III.

The moment Queen Elizabeth II’s death was announced on the BBCReuters

TVN24 journalist and editor of documentaries Ewa Ewart spoke about the last days of the king’s life on TVN24 on Friday morning under the title “Wake up and you will know”.

— With all the sadness that doubtless reigned in the hearts of all Englishmen, it is a great consolation that the Queen spent these last days at Balmoral, so happy, surrounded by her loved ones, in society. Meetings. Apparently, she really liked walking – she said.

Evert added, “He seems to have talked a lot about Prince Philip,” according to Isles reports. “It was the great love of her life,” he added.

— It is certainly a consolation that these last days were not spent in some great misery. Rani was slowly disappearing. I think it is a great consolation for everyone who needs to understand this inevitable fact – the Queen is 96 years old – that she died in a dignified manner, without suffering – said the journalist.

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Great Britain’s longest-reigning queen has passed awayReuters

“The Queen will close an incredible chapter not only in the life of the islands,” said Ewart.

– It is certainly an epochal event in every way. It is especially important on this day for the Queen to leave with her word. When he ascended the throne 70 years ago, he vowed to serve the nation and fulfilled his vow to the fullest. Until the last minute, as we remember, he fulfilled his duties (…) He was a working king all the time – noted Ewart.

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