England: London to block Scotland’s gender reform bill

The government in London announced the decision on Monday Block the Gender Recognition Bill passed by the Scottish Parliament. It states that legal gender reassignment requires only the notification of the person concerned without medical examination.

This For the first time since the formation of the Scottish Parliament In 1999, the British government decided to block the bill adopted in Edinburgh. Alistair Jack, the British minister for Scotland, announced on Tuesday that he would formally invoke Art. 35 of the Scotland Act, which enabled the Scottish Parliament to block a gender recognition bill before it received the King’s assent. It is the last step in the British legislative process.

Article 35 confers such powers on the Government in London if it is believed to exist in the Act A negative impact on legislation across the UK. However, it has not been used before.

– Transgender individuals undergoing legal gender reassignment procedures, They deserve our respect, support and understanding. My decision today concerns the implications of the Act for the operation of equality provisions and other reserved matters across England. I did not take this decision lightly. The Bill will have a significant impact on UK-wide equality issues in Scotland, England and Wales, among others. That’s why I came to such a conclusion Necessary and proper action – asserted Alistair Jack.

The minister added that he hoped it would be found if the Scottish Government decided to take the scheme back for a review. Creative solution. Scottish Government However, he has no intention of backing down.

The leader of the Scottish Government immediately responded to the announcement. Nicola Sturgeon described it as “a front-line attack on the democratically elected Scottish Parliament and its ability to make its own decisions on matters devolved”. “The Scottish Government will defend the law and stand up for the Scottish Parliament. If this Westminster veto wins, it will be the first of many,” the politician wrote on Twitter.

Passed just before Christmas, the bill is notable The process of legal gender reassignment in Scotland is simplified compared to the process across England. Currently, in order for a person to obtain legal recognition of a gender other than their biological sex, they must provide a medical certificate of gender dysphoria, meaning that their biological sex is inconsistent with their perceived, Clinical opinion on proposed treatmentas well as evidence at least in the past She felt this contradiction for two years. A certificate of recognition of a different gender can be issued only to one person 18 years old. Each person receiving them must declare that they will remain with their newly recognized gender for the rest of their lives.

The Scottish Government stated that these requirements Too complicated and too invasive of privacy. The adopted draft removes the need for a medical diagnosis of gender non-conformity, meaning that the relevant person’s notification is sufficient to change it. reduces too Age limit is 18 to 16 It also reduces the minimum period of ineligible life from two years to three months, and six months for 16- and 17-year-olds. As expected, that doesn’t happen The need to be with the new gender throughout lifeBecause the process can be reversed.

The bill is highly controversial even within the ranks of the ruling Scottish National Party (SNP). Nine MPs from this party voted against the plan. However, in the end, it was accepted by a vote of 86:39.

Opponents of the bill – prominent among them writer J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series – pointed the bill. It negatively affects women’s hard-won rights and protections. They pointed out that the law would only open access to women’s toilets, changing rooms, hospital or prison wards to people who report dysphoria – without confirming it with a diagnosis – which could be used for sexual assault.

A particular controversy was raised over the lowering of the age for applying for gender reassignment from 18 to 16. As mentioned, most people at this age are too immature to make such an important decision consciously. Attention was drawn to the fact that the Act would open up the possibility for individuals to apply for legal change of sex. Convicted of sex crimes.

If the regulations come into force, Applies to Scotland only. However, the British government points out that this will have an impact on other parts of the country as the same person can be a different gender in Scotland than in the rest of England. This, in turn, leads to an upheaval “Gender Tourism”This means moving to Scotland to use legal gender reassignment for purposes such as benefits, pensions or hospital places.

Additionally, there is litigation Political environmentBecause the Scottish Government will certainly use it Argument for freedomThe Crown presents it as evidence of London’s interference in Scottish affairs.

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