Energy security – Germany is furious. Poland met all its demands

According to the Polish Press Agency, Poland has been building a broad coalition against Germany for the past few weeks in strict secrecy. In the end, more than half of the member states sided with Poland.

Strong opposition

A group of these countries forced the European Commission to announce the publication of a draft regulation on gas price caps next week. According to unofficial sources, during the evening meeting of EU ambassadors in Brussels, Germany could not believe that it was isolated and could not prevent the minority on this issue.

Also, according to the Polish Press Agency, at the request of Poland, the Czech Presidency announced that it will remove from the text of the currently negotiated draft regulation on energy security the provisions introduced through the back door before its publication by Germany. Draft, at the level of the European Commission.

These are the rules of art. 23, introduction e.g. Completely exempting Berlin from gas price cap.

– “The exemption was forced by German Chancellor Olaf Scholes, who used his influence in the European Commission to try to prevent the introduction of a price cap on gas in the EU, which Poland, Italy, Belgium and Greece are striving for. Three months”

– Ambassador Satos said.


This is not all

These are not all the achievements that the Polish representatives were able to achieve in this regulatory work. First, Poland has included Ukraine in the joint procurement mechanism that Ukrainian ambassadors in Brussels have been pushing for for weeks.

Second, contrary to the original EC proposal, Poland, together with the Baltic States, introduced a ban on the use of Russian LNG in the joint procurement mechanism.

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Poland also stood up for the smaller countries of the Three Seas, which feared that the joint procurement mechanism would be dominated by Germany. At the request of Poland, a mechanism was introduced to guarantee these countries greater bargaining power against large companies from Western Europe.

– We are very grateful to Poland for bringing this project. If not for the so-called Polish Mechanism for Small States, we would never have been admitted to the Collective Procurement Mechanism

– says one of the EU diplomats.


As the Polish Press Agency unofficially found, Polish diplomats secured several additions to the text, including the most important ones related to critical infrastructure, protecting Poland from forcing gas supplies to Germany in the event of a gas crisis across the Oder River. .

Poland ensured gas supplies to people fleeing the war from Ukraine and to the needs of Allied forces stationed on Polish-Ukrainian border in Polish territory.

– By persuading the European Commission to propose a legislative proposal on a price cap for gas, we will get a mechanism to protect Polish households against higher gas prices in Europe caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Sados added.

The regulation on energy security will be adopted during a meeting of the Energy Council on November 24, possibly with official German objections, however, the plan cannot be vetoed.


Source: Pap,

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