Elections in Turkey. Official election results in Turkey. There will be a second round

From the start, the two candidates were evenly matched. – 49.51 percent support for current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey’s presidential election. His rival – backed by most of the opposition Kemal Kilicdaroglu – got 44.88 percent. The polls, Reuters reported on Monday afternoon.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have been working non-stop since yesterday. Don’t despair,” Kilicdaroglu commented on Twitter.

The second round will decide

Erdogan came close to winning in the first round after 20 years in power, but Kilicdaroglu also scored very high, showing that anything is possible in extra time.

– We still don’t know if the election is over with this First roundBut if people take us to the second round, we will respect it,” he said from Sunday to Monday night ErdoganAs quoted by the Italian news agency Anza.

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“If our nation asks for a second round, we will gladly accept it. And we will absolutely conquer it replied his rival.

“The presidential vote will determine not only who leads Turkey, but whether it will return to a more secular, democratic path, how it will deal with a major cost-of-living crisis and how it will manage its key relationship with Russia. According to Reuters, the Middle East and the West.

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According to state broadcaster TRT, turnout was close to 90 percent.

The second phase of the presidential election in Turkey will be held on May 28.

Elections in Turkey. They are of international importance

– According to recent polls, it is The opposition has a five percent advantageBut still Not a pointIn order to win the elections in the first round – Tomas Lejman reported ahead of the elections from Istanbul.

– The situation is interesting, however, as the candidate who resigned yesterday (Thursday – Edition) is considered Erdogan’s “mole” in the opposition. Some of these votes may go to the opposing candidate, so tomorrow could be very interesting, a Polsat News reporter said on Friday.

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Opposition supporters believe their country has nothing to do with democracy. – These choices are critical to our freedom. A sympathizer of the opposition candidate said it was important to finally end this terrible phase of the last 20 years. Over the years, Erdoğan has been accused of corruption, human rights abuses and destroying the opposition with no access to the media.

Elections in Turkey are also of international importance. Especially in the context of Istanbul’s relations with Moscow. – We want to become part of the civilized world, not go with the Kremlin. We want a free media and full independence of the judiciary. Erdogan doesn’t think so, he still wants to be a dictator,” Kilicdaroglu told the BBC.


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