Elections 2023 – Germany wants to influence the outcome of Poland’s referendum. Deutsche Welle describes the behind-the-scenes takeover of Rzeczpospolita (Gremi Media) by Pluralis

“Paying commitment” – this is how the German daily Deutsche Welle describes the means and purpose of the acquisition of “Rzeczpospolita” publisher Gremi Media by Pluralis. Forty percent of Gremi’s shares went to foreign funds, and the transaction was actually financed by the German bank GLS, guided by political motives. Max von Abendroth, a senior adviser at Pluralis, agrees that Poland is a “current focal point of activity” for them.

Tusk announces pressure on media. “I know some people at TVN and Polsat”

Will Donald Tusk, once back in power, intend to manually control the media? There are many symptoms of this. During Monday’s meeting in Pszczyna…

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Recently Germany was shocked by the scandalous news of Axel Springer’s boss, Matthias Toepfner.Before the election, he advised Bild’s then editor-in-chief to write more about the FDP before the election, thus influencing the election campaign. However, this has not stopped our Western neighbors from thinking about taking control of the media in Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland.

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Despite their own scandals, they still want to buy media in Poland

At the end of March, German bank GLS issued bonds from which it intends to finance the media. In Poland. In total, we are talking about 100 million euros.

Behind the issue is the Dutch Pluralist Association (which includes the Belgian King Baudouin Foundation, the Dutch company Mediahaus and the Oak Foundation), whose goal, according to its representatives, is to fund “independent media” at the center. and Eastern Europe.

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Officially, the investment aims to create pluralism in the Polish media market before the elections. But investors’ own interests are also at stake.

Political interference in media. They take risks because they have to pay

Deutsche Welle’s text clearly states that the GLS bonds are not aimed at economic profit, but at political profit – which can only turn into economic profit as a result of the electoral results obtained by investing in Poland.

In terms of diversity, Poland is a country that urgently needs foreign investorsFree media and the social benefits of media diversity are key investment criteria, says Max von Abendroth, senior consultant at Pluralis. Deutsche Welle writes directly, referring to financial matters: “The investment risk taken pays off.”.

We already know the German influence

The company is proud to have already made its first purchase: in Slovakia by investing in Petit Press media house, and in Poland – in Gremi Media, publisher of “Rzeczpospolita”. However, von Abendroth assures that this is not the end and that “they will be more active, especially in Poland”..

“Free speech won.” Judgment in RASP v. Samuel Perera

Ringier Axel Springer Polska filed a lawsuit against Samuel Perera, president of the tvp.info portal. A district court in Warsaw rejected the publisher’s request…

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This is not the first time such political interference in the media in Poland. Several years ago, Donald Tusk was pressured to fire the editor-in-chief of “Truth” (RASP Publishing) for his dislike of the government. The head of the Prime Minister’s Office from PO, Paweł Graś, during a conversation with billionaire Jan Kulczyk in April 2014 (at that time Graś was the spokesman of Donald Tusk’s government), weekly “Do Rzeczy” revealed about this. A politician and a businessman debated whether Angela Merkel and the German owners of the Axel Springer publishing house could not solve the “problem”.

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Cross complained and they removed the key “fact”.

Graś explained the problems at the newspaper as follows: “PiSior is the editor. Of course. Editor-in-Chief of “Fakt” – (Grzegorz – tvp.info portal) Jankowski. I had a couple of conversations with him. He has that belief and is usually on their side.

A few weeks later, Kreskors Jankowski, after more than 10 years as editor-in-chief, left Fact — at his own request, according to RASP officials. Wojciech Biedroń lost his job as head of events and local editions.

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