Election in France. Left-wing and Macron’s team go head-to-head. First round results visible | World News

From the poll Polls Results, “NUPES” alliance wins first round, Created by the Socialists, Green, Intense Left And the Communists. The left-wing party received approximately 26 percent of the vote. The presidential coalition came in second “together” with about 25 percent of the electorate.

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The National Union Marine Le Pen party came in third with 19 percent. In fourth place is the center-right Republican Party – the current main opposition party – with 11 percent of the vote.

Macron’s coalition won the second round

According to New In the run-off election on June 19, the presidential coalition will win more seats. By introducing 270 to 310 representatives in the 577-member National Assembly, the pro-Emmanuel Macron organization can retain an absolute majority. The left in the lower house could become a second force Parliament Winning 170 to 220 seats.

About 47 percent of the vote was cast in today’s poll. This is the lowest number Parliamentary election In post-war France.

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