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“It is known that the plans of these groups include carrying out a series of terrorist attacks Belarus“- Ukrainian intelligence reports. That means Russia Will use a “scenario” similar to the one that started the war Chechnya.

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Chisanoska: There can be no free Belarus without a free Ukraine

Does Russia want to involve Belarus in the war with Ukraine? This is according to the Ministry of National Defense of Ukraine

Chief Investigation Board Ministry of Defense Ukraine announced plans RussiaDesigned to engage Belarus Under War with Ukraine. As we read in a report released by the Intelligence Service, the Kremlin wants to organize an attack on the Belarusian Masjid. Terrorist. For this purpose, sabotage groups disguised as civilians have reached the city of Belarus. They include employees of the main intelligence service of the Russian Federation and mercenaries of private military companies. Entrepreneur Evgeni Prikosin and Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoiku.

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Russia wants to open fire on civilian targets in the Belarusian city of Masir

Russian intelligence plans to launch a series of artillery and rocket attacks on the Mosir refinery and infrastructure. Civil And residence. “During the shelling, residential buildings, hospitals and schools are to be demolished,” he told the intelligence service of the Ukrainian Ministry of National Defense.

Terrorist attacks are called “special operations” by the Kremlin. Such a move would provoke the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko Until the hostility begins. Ukrainian intelligence revealed that Belarusian military officials had access to the information and were evicting their families from Mosir.

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Vladimir PutinUkraine. The Russians had to attack from the territory of Belarus

The Russians invaded Ukraine from the territory of Belarus

At least eight blasts were heard in the area Friday night Kiev In Ukraine. Most of the missiles fired by the Russians were destroyed by Ukrainian anti-aircraft security Army. The Telegram “Belarusian Hajun” channel reported that two or three missiles were fired from Belarusian territory. Reports of these events were collected from the cities of Svetłahorsk, Mazyr, Pietrykawa and Naroula in the Homiel region of southern Belarus.

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Recently, Russia has intensified airstrikes, missiles and artillery attacks on various cities in Ukraine. Army Putin He wants to divert Ukrainian forces from the Donbass and prevent them from recapturing the occupied territories.


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