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on Monday 21 In November, the Secretary General held a press conference For this Jens Stoltenberg announced that an agreement had been reached Turkey. As mentioned defense24.pl, which involved the admission of Sweden and Finland to the North Atlantic Alliance. If the contract is executed, a Parliament If Turkey ratifies the documents, Sweden and Finland can become NATO members. “It’s time to welcome Sweden and Finland,” Stoltenberg said.

Turkey has signed an agreement with NATO on the membership of Sweden and Finland

According to Norwegian portal direkte.vg.no, Stoltenberg said Sweden and Finland had “fulfilled their obligations” and were therefore looking forward to the final.Green light” to admit them into NATO – the process is the fastest accession process in the history of the North Atlantic Alliance – the NATO Secretary General added.

Turkey is one of two countries that have not ratified the documents required to join NATO. Officially, the reason given by officials in Istanbul is the dispute over “the fight against terrorism and the presence of the Kurdish minority” in politics (the second example concerns Sweden)

The second country is Hungary, but Budapest has already announced that it will accept the accession of Sweden and Finland to the North Atlantic Alliance.

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Jens Stoltenberg was also asked about the prospects for peace Ukraine. – We all want war to end, but we must remember what kind of war it is: it is a war of aggression. Russia attacked Ukraine. He emphasized that the war would probably end at the negotiating table, but the outcome of these negotiations would depend on the situation on the battlefield.

– If we want an acceptable peaceful solution, we must continue to support Ukraine. We must reach a conclusion to defend Ukraine as a free and independent country and show Russia that it cannot continue to attack its neighbor. – We can’t allow it Putin For success in Ukraine. We must be united. Since 2014, we have been strengthening our defense capabilities to avoid conflict with NATO countries, he asserted.

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