Did Putin slip on the stairs and “defecate spontaneously”? Russia comments on media reports | World news

Last week the Telegram channel “General SWR” recounted the course of a stressful day when he allegedly fell behind Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader, after discussions about his country’s weak economy and the failures of the Russian military UkraineHe reportedly fell down the stairs and hit his tailbone. The fall described by the author of the channel ends with the injury of this bone, as well as “involuntary defecation”.

Media: Putin “defeated spontaneously” after falling down the stairs. There will be an investigation

Putin’s press office denies: The president did not fall down the stairs

This is not the end of the case, as the President’s Office of News and Information has noted Russia. The spokesperson wrote a text message to the editorial office saying “Newsweek“, in which he denied the incident. “Regarding your claim, we can say that it is completely untrue,” he said.

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Remember the story of the accident Putin On the stairs, he quoted not only Newsweek, but also other world media like Sky News. However, these statements should be treated with caution.

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Who is General SWR?

According to the information of “General SWR”, who introduces himself as “Viktor Mikhailovich”, a former general of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). RussiaIt has been mentioned many times by the media. The channel’s editor claims to be getting information from Putin’s inner circle.

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In the description of “General SWR”. Network light We read that the messages on the channel are published by retired and active members of the intelligence and secret services of many countries, “those who were directly involved in, supervised or controlled the various activities, which have access to reliable information about the events they covered”.

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