Dhruva disappeared from the city. Police write about a “big prize” – o2

The video was posted on Facebook by the police from Scherbenseel. The less than 10,000-strong community conjured up the image of a migrant who effectively made life difficult for the locals.

Dhruva disappeared from the city. The police write about the “big prize”.

The man allegedly harassed store staff recently, resulting in the police being called and the disruptive customer being banned from entering. This is just one of many incidents involving this man. Not all of them were cited, but every time the culprits were drunk and cheated on women.

This has made some people feel insecure. But there is good news. The man left Scherbenseel and would not return. End of year giveaway! The policemen wrote.

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No one will miss him. Comments from satisfied residents piled up under the police post:

“My daughter will finally dare to go out on her own again”, “Finally, it’s good that he’s gone”, “We won’t miss him”, “I remember him from the bus stop”.

One of the residents pointed out that in his opinion, the police should not reveal the nationality of the troublesome immigrant. However, she admitted that she was glad the man was gone. The authors of the other two opinions said that illegal immigrants should be deported to their home countries, in this case – Poland.

And so it began. The second wave of comments is inputs from the Poles. Some of them felt personally affected by the police position, although it was about a specific person, not all Poles. Ironically, some, while accusing the Dutch of racism, wrote of immigrants from Africa “running the streets with knives, murdering and raping”. Most comments of this kind went unanswered, although in some cases Scherbenseel residents asked in surprise: But what does this have to do with an alcoholic harassing a salesman?

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