Cryptocurrency miners are selling GPUs for cheaper

An image of a graphics card.

picture: Joby Sessions / PC Gamer Magazine / Future (Getty Images)

The cryptocurrency market continues to decline, which has resulted in a large number of miners exiting the market or reducing their operations, thus finding themselves in possession of valuable computer components that they no longer need. Some miners, many of them from China and South Asia (where electricity is cheaper), are now taking those devices and dumping them on e-commerce sites. As a result, GPUs that typically range from $500 to $600 are sold out half that price In the flea market.

As noted before computer gamesGPUs are suddenly flooding the market, a trend likely driven by several factors. Most importantly, how were the prices of cryptocurrencies? It has been declining since this winter. Now that the market appears A transformation won’t happen anytime soonMiners jump ship. And these are not the original GeForce RTX 3060 hardware they sell. These graphics cards were used in cryptocurrency mining, which uses tons of electricity. Buyers found the RTX 3060s to be cheap for a reason – many of them are Defective after prolonged use. So it seems common wisdom is that you shouldn’t very Keen to register some used GPUs from an unknown buyer.

However, there has been some disagreement in the tech community about how degraded these graphics cards really are. computer world He claims that buying a used graphics card from an experienced miner is better than buying one from a gamer (who tends to “overclock” their GPUs). Tech YouTuber Linus Sebastian I tested some GPUs for camera mining It found that the graphics cards used could still perform well – if they were carefully maintained by their previous owner. So if you had to buy a GPU from a miner who wasted a lot of electricity on speculative currency, you should at least find a reputable seller. By the way, good luck with that.

If you ask me, I think it’s fun to let miners struggle with a bunch of expensive graphics cards that they can’t even get away with. However, it is disturbing that Nvidia has benefited greatly from the crypto boom, to the point that the company has in fact acquired with a federal fine To try to hide how crypto boosted its earnings. Hey, at least that coding nightmare is finally over *wood ways* and we’ll no doubt be seeing more affordable graphics cards very soon.

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