Covid-19 and life expectancy. UN Human Development Report. Where does Poland rank?

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, 90 percent of countries have seen declining life expectancy and declining educational and welfare achievements. Sudan is the worst in this respect, while Switzerland is the least affected, according to the UN report. Poland has the 34th highest human development index in the world. Life expectancy at birth in our country has clearly declined and is the lowest since 2010.

Most of the 191 countries included in the report have returned to 2016 levels, particularly in terms of life expectancy. This is a reversal of a 30-year trend. Document United Nations One example shows that in the United States, life expectancy has decreased by almost two years compared to 2019 (from 79.1 to 77.2).

Regardless of Covid-19, the report says it is due to factors such as global failures War in Ukraine and negative impact Climate change.

Relapses are actually common, as more than 90 percent. In 2020 or 2021 the countries recorded a decline in Human Development Index (HDI). More than 40 percent drop out within two years. This is a signal that the crisis continues to worsen in many countries.

Switzerland tops the Human Development Index this year. Life expectancy there is 84 years (0.2 years higher than in 2019), residents spend an average of 16.5 years studying, and the average salary is 66,000. Dollars.

South Sudan at the other extreme has a life expectancy of 55 years. People spend an average of only 5.5 years in school and earn $768 a year. The UN also points to ineffective ways to break the deadlock.

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Poland was ranked 34th in the Social Development Ranking. The average life expectancy at birth in our country has decreased from 77.9 years in 2019 (which is the highest number in history) to 76.5 years. It was last lower in 2010 (76.3).

Ukraine (ranked 77th) China (ranked 79th), Iran (ranked 76th) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (74.)

The lowest ranking among EU countries is Bulgaria – 68th place, Romania – 53rd, then Hungary 46th, and above them Slovakia (45th). Worse than Poland: Croatia (40th), Latvia (39th), Portugal (38th), Lithuania (35th), and slightly better: Greece (33rd), Czech Republic (32nd), Estonia (31st). ) and Italy ( 30.).

Slovenia (23rd in the world), which joins the European Union with Poland, is ahead of Austria (25th), Spain (27th), France (28th) and Cyprus (29th).

Israel ranked 22nd in the ranking and 21st in the ranking. America. In addition to Switzerland, Norway and Iceland are on the platform, according to the UN report.

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