Coup in Burkina Faso

It was the second coup in eight months in the volatile West African country, which has struggled with rising jihadist activity.

Dreyer announced himself as the new leader Burkina Faso. He said a group of rebel officials had decided to oust Tamiba “because he could not deal with the worsening situation in the country caused by the increasing activities of radical Islamist groups”.

Tamiba has been in power since January this year. When he ousted the democratically elected president, Roch Gabor, it was partly – as he alleged – for the same reasons.

The new leader ordered the suspension of the constitution, the closure of borders and the banning of all political parties and social organizations. He called on people to “keep calm and return to their activities.”

The coup in Burkina Faso was condemned by the Economic Community of West African States, which it said came at a time when the country was moving towards restoring democratic rule.

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