Colombia. The drug barge was stopped. It shows the bodies of two people, survivors and three tons of cocaine

A large drug boat was seized. Of that, the inventory is worth nearly $90 million

A boatload of nearly three tons of cocaine has been found in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Colombia, the country’s navy has announced. In addition to the illegal cargo on board the impounded vessel, there were also the bodies of two men and the survivors in critical condition.

Officials said the unregistered 15-meter vessel was carrying 2,643 kilograms of cocaine worth $90 million. The underwater material was mostly headed for Central America, and its arrest made it possible to secure nearly six million pieces of cocaine that were destined for the illegal market.

The medicine boat was intercepted by the services

“The two survivors may have been ill from inhaling toxic fumes inside the boat due to fuel problems,” said Navy Captain Cristian Andres Guzman Echeverri.

According to the report, the entire “contents” of the boat, including the bodies of the two men found and the survivors, were taken to the city of Dumaguete, Colombia, where its fate will be determined by the Attorney General’s Technical Investigation Unit. Office.

Colombia. $90 million worth of cocaine

Photos released by the services show the seizure of the drug boat.

A drug boat is a semi-submersible drug smuggling vessel. For years, the Colombian Navy has been seizing illegal facilities. Since 1993, 228 so-called “narco-subs” have been arrested.


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