CNN: 1,300 Starlink terminals shut down in Ukraine

Straylink SpaceX is owned by Elon Musk. The story was first reported by CNN in October. As described, SpaceX sent a letter to the Pentagon in September saying it had spent nearly $100 million to fund the Starlings in Ukraine and could no longer do so. This information is published by the station Musk changed Of course: “It’s to hell,” he wrote on Twitter, “we’ll fund the Ukrainian government for free.”

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CNN: 1,300 Starlink Terminals Out of Service in Ukraine

The shutdown of 1,300 Starlink terminals was reported by CNN on November 4, citing two sources familiar with the matter. These are the “closer to the front lines” terminals, which have been closed since October 24. “We support a number of terminals that are of direct tactical importance to the Ukrainian military in repelling the Russian invasion,” a British official told CNN.

As noted, citing two independent sources, negotiations between SpaceX and the Department of Defense — contrary to Musk’s claims — are still ongoing.

As the portal recalled Jellyfish, in total, more than 20,000 are currently operating in Ukraine. Starlink Terminals. The US bought about 15,000 of them. England And the European Union – they finance their use.

Starlink provides Internet access to the Ukrainian military

Starlink helps the Ukrainian military operate drones. Through the terminal, soldiers receive critical intelligence and can communicate with each other in unguarded areas. Networks.

In addition, the organization provides Internet access to Ukrainian NGOs and citizens and supports infrastructure throughout the country.

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