Cluster Pays Games: All about the mechanic of the new slots

In the last couple of years, a lot has changed on our planet, and due to the never-ending technological development we have now more possibilities then ever. Especially freelancing from home and working with the computer has seen a sharp rise in the last decade. More and more people started to develop new ideas and methods to generate money on the internet.

Besides phenomenons like the influencer on instagram and elsewhere who present themselves as a metaphor for a specific lifestyle, gaining huge amounts of followers and getting paid through targeted placement of certain products, other new worlds like the streaming of online games on platforms like Twitch have become very popular as well.

Gaming and gambling industry are always open for new trends

One of the industries that has always been sticking very close to new technological achievements is the gaming and gambling industry. Almost no other industry has been adopting new technologies as quickly as the gaming industry.

One example is the adaptation to the new digital currencies like Bitcoin and the Altcoins as well as the blockchain method in general. While many parts of the industry are still struggling with or hesitating to adopt those new technologies, the gaming and gambling world has been working with those methods already since the beginning and with great success.

Now that online gaming has officially become more than just a freetime activity, launching international competitions, livestreams and creating a vast community worldwide, it is no wonder that many new startups and also oldschool global player companies are also getting into the business of gaming developing new games and styles in order to feed the insatiable desire of the community for new challenges. New updates of games like the popular Assassin’s Creed are being introduced to the market almost every year.

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One new development in the gambling world are the so-called Cluster Games, respectively the new interpretation of those long known games. So what is actually new in the world of Cluster Games? What are Cluster Games in general? And what is the hype about those new Cluster Games about? We have the answers to your questions!

What are Cluster Games?

Even if many of you may not ever have heard of the term Cluster Games even those who haven’t been into gambling much will probably know what it is. The older generation may have called them fruit machines or similar. Who does not sit in a suit at a poker table or feverish next to the roulette plate in one of those big casino halls, probably sits at an automatic machine in which one inserts money, pulls the trigger, hoping for the right combination of fruits appearing on the screen.

The same thing also exists online and since many developers have been working hard on finding new versions of this evergreen game, many of them are not about fruits anymore but could have different themes and according symbols that would roll over the screen.

What is new about the Cluster Pays?

While traditionally the symbols would sit on mostly 5 rolls which hang next to each other and would create a line of symbols on a vertical axis, allowing a win only if the combination of symbols that end up next to each other was the right one, the new mechanical methods allow us to have a way greater amount of winning combinations.

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The new mechanics allow that when a winning cluster is created, the symbols are taken out of the grid, subsequently the nearby symbols to fall into the empty spaces and maybe create additional winning clusters. This alone can start a chain reaction allowing the player to enjoy each slot more and of course also increase the chances of winning.

Now the players have way more chances to win as long as there are enough symbols that combine horizontally or vertically. Like the old school version most of the games stick to an amount of 5 symbols in a vertical row. Of course, your wager, the total number of matching symbols, and the payment all come into play when determining the payoff. However, Cluster Pays offers additional opportunities for winning, and the greatest part is that it’s not particularly hard to master.

Now Cluster Pays Slots to play can be found in several locations on the internet. Your gaming is completely changed with Cluster Pays as it becomes more thrilling and unexpected. The payment increases with Cluster size. It is out of question that gamers have been getting tears in their eyes when those new cluster combination pays appeared on the market and subsequently many new people would try it out and join the game.

The good thing about those new games is that you basically do not need much experience or skills to operate the machines. Obviously this is still a gambling game based on chance with the difference that the new games offer more possibilities, more chances and are after all more fun to play.

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Where to find the new Cluster Pays?

As we know there are many different gaming platforms to find on the internet. Fortunately the new Cluster Pays have been so successful that most of the platforms have integrated them into their repertoire already. So it really should not be too hard to find those games anywhere.

The most popular games are Aloha Cluster Pays!, Lost Relics and of course the good old Legend of Shangri-La. Besides those evergreens there is a huge amount of other newcomer games to find as well. It is really worth it to get informed and dive into the world of Cluster Pays when having time.

If you have not heard of those games and the new mechanics of the Cluster Pays yet, it is recommended to really check them out. Every year the online gambling and gaming community worldwide is growing with an incredible speed and the new firms developing new games constantly are able to offer something for almost anyone!

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