Chinese Long March 5B rocket falls to Earth. The United States issued a statement

23-ton Rocket Long March 5 b, lifted off the Wentian lab module from Hainan Island in the South China Sea on Sunday, and the module arrived at a Chinese space station the next day. After completing the task The rocket began its uncontrolled descent towards Earth, and it was unclear where it would land. This is the third time China has been accused of mishandling space debris.

This is A metal object weighing 20 tons. Although it disintegrates as it enters the atmosphere, many fragments, some of them very large, reach the Earth’s surface, said Professor Michael Byers of the University of British Columbia.

As Byers explains, Space debris poses very little danger to humansBut large areas can cause damage if they land in populated areas. Byers said due to the increase in space debris The opportunities for this are increasing.

‘This risk is completely avoidable, as technologies and mission designs now exist that can provide controlled returns (usually to remote areas of the oceans) instead of uncontrolled and completely random returns,’ the professor opined.

The US space agency has announced that it will follow the path of the remnants of a Chinese rocket. Based on changing weather conditions The exact point of their entry into the Earth’s atmosphere has not yet been determinedHowever, that is to be expected It will be on August 1st.

In 2020, the nearly 20-ton core of a Chinese rocket re-entered Earth’s atmosphere uncontrollably. Above Central Park in Los Angeles and New Yorkbefore finally plunging into the Atlantic Ocean.

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