Cheetahs for Ukraine. “Welt” writes of “unprecedented humiliation”.

Economic Minister and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck (The Greens) He strongly advocated that Germany prevent Poland from sending Panthers to Ukraine. – There is a difference between making decisions for yourself and preventing others from making decisions. Therefore Germany should not stand in the wayWhen other countries decide to support Ukraine, whatever decision Germany makes, the vice chancellor explained.

So far, the decision on the supply of battle tanks to Ukraine It is consistently rejected by the central government – “Weld” daily insists, reminding that Poland announced on Wednesday its intention to transfer the company of Cheetahs to Ukraine, and since Cheetah is produced in Germany, further export requires the approval of the federal government.

“At the same time, the state president said there is a condition for replacing the leopard tanks ‘A full range of formal requirements and permissions’. The decision to deliver in Poland has already been made.

As the magazine emphasizes, a key question arises here: or not Poland will wait for Germany’s green light to deliver the LeopardOr decide to provide them yourself. “The latter would be an unprecedented shame. Panther 2 is a German product. We need permission from Berlin to send tanks (to another country),” asserts “Welt”.

In the case of arms exports, there is a daily reminder of the so-called end-use rule. If arms manufactured in Germany are sold to third countries, Germany must agree to this. “Chancellor Olaf Scholes (SPD) While exporting Leopard tanks to Ukraine, it has so far categorically denied such permission.

It seems that Warsaw simply wants to avoid Germany. For a long time, the federal government ensured that main battle tanks would be delivered only in consultation with allies, Weld reminds. Several European forces already have several thousand Panther tanks that could be delivered to Ukraine. Germany, as a manufacturer, plays an important role here.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin plans to hold a meeting on January 20 at US Air Force Base Ramstein (Rhineland-Palatinate) regarding military support for Ukraine. America, Germany and Great Britain. “Poland is ready to participate in a coalition of European countries that want to supply Ukraine with Leopard tanks. (…) It is about participating in the European alliance and encouraging the German government to make the final decision to transfer German Panther tanks to Ukraine.” – indicates “Weld”.

After the announcement of the delivery of tanks by Poland In Germany, the first voices appeared demanding permission to do so. “Ukraine needs Western tanks to defend and liberate the territories occupied by Russia,” said the Green Party MP, head of the German-Ukrainian parliamentary group. Robin Wagener said Wednesday in Berlin. – The willingness of our Polish friends to form a European alliance to supply European tanks is an important signal of solidarity. (…) Berlin should follow this example, he insisted.

“It is not yet clear what an international tank alliance will look like and in what form it will take Germany may become a part of it. The German chancellor currently has three options, Welt writes, option one: Scholes can stick to his original supply embargo, option two: give the green light to other countries to supply Panthers, and option three: Germany joins the international alliance in supplying tanks.

However, there is a growing sense that Berlin’s concerns are no longer being taken into account on the international stage” – emphasizes “welt” and reminds us that the Polish army has 249 Panthers. How quickly and how many Panthers Poland can replace from its resources depends on when it will receive new tanks from the United States and South Korea.

“Poland is now seriously armed. In the United States, it has ordered hundreds of Abrams tanks. (…) Poland is to receive 1,000 South Korean K2 main battle tanks, and the first copies have already arrived” – “Weld” adds. As he notes in Poland, “Germany’s reputation has suffered greatly since the outbreak of war because of its vacillating approach to arms distribution and failed energy policy.”

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