British think tank reveals secret documents. This is a Russian plan to take over Ukraine

According to RUSI, even deputy commanders of individual types of armed forces learned about the plan of invasion and occupation of Ukraine days before the attack, and tactical military units received orders several hours in advance.

Documents show Russia plans to take over Ukrainian power plants, airports, water distribution networks, central bank and parliament And Russian secret services to kill Ukrainian leaders. As RUSI pointed out, the plans called for Ukrainian government officials to “either flee or be caught in a swift invasion.”

The rest of the article is below the video:

The invasion plans were thought to include actions related to Ukrainian nuclear power plants, whose capture would provide shelter for Russian troops, control over Ukraine’s energy system and threaten European countries with the risk of nuclear contamination.

According to the think tank, Russia planned to launch an invasion with massive missile and airstrikes against Ukrainian military targetsBut there are no plans to hit critical infrastructure like power plants and railways, as they are critical to his plans to move the country forward.

In addition, lists of members of the Ukrainian authorities and authorities were drawn up, which were divided into four categories: those to be killed, those to be threatened, those neutral, those encouraged to cooperate, and those willing. To cooperate.

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