Berlusconi defends Putin and attacks Zelensky

“Russian Roulette”, Silvio Berlusconi “stands by Putin” causing a political earthquake, the former prime minister “smash everything” – these are the headlines in Italian newspapers on Thursday, describing the scandal that erupted after it was revealed. A recording with statements by the president of Forza Italia from a meeting with members of this party. These are the words defending Vladimir Putin and attacking Volodymyr Zelensky.

Italy was shocked. Berlusconi renews ties with Putin

Silvio Berlusconi announced that he has renewed contacts with Vladimir Putin. These words were spoken during a meeting with the newly elected former Italian Prime Minister …

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Silvio Berlusconi is an 86-year-old three-time Italian Prime Minister, until recently an MEP. He won the mandate for Member of the European Parliament in 2019. He sits there in the European People’s Party, which includes PO politicians from Poland, which until recently was led by Donald Tusk.

After the election in September, Berlusconi became an Italian senator.

Attacking words in defense of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Vladimir Putin have been circulated ahead of the start of consultations on appointing a new centre-right government, with Forza Italia as a coalition partner. The media unanimously insists that the issue prevents the formation of a cabinet headed by Giorgia Meloni, head of the conservative group Italian Brothers.

Berlusconi’s translations were ineffective as he invited a journalist to his Mediaset television news show on Thursday night. First of all, the words of the former prime minister were shocking, he admitted in the first part that he renewed contacts with the Russian president and called him one of his friends.

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“It is an insult to the state and the will of the nation.” Opposition attacks Italian camera’s new head of dei deputati

“To the representatives of the left who make statements disparaging the new leaders of the assemblies, I remind you that (government) institutions …

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On 29 September Silvio Berlusconi told MPs that he “gave me 20 bottles of vodka for my birthday”. He added that he repaid him with a case of Lambrusco wine.

Italian media listened to the rest of the words of the leader of Forza Italia, who presented his own view of the war in Ukraine and his assessment of Zelensky.

– In 2014, a peace agreement was signed in Minsk, Belarus, between Ukraine and the two newly recognized republics of the Donbass. Ukraine sends the agreement to hell a year later and starts attacking the borders of the two republics. Soldiers have been killed in both, and I am told they are between 5 and thousands – he said.

Subsequently, the politician and media mogul, Ukrainian authorities have tripled the number of attacks on the two republics, sending their representatives to negotiate with Putin, according to Berlusconi’s restructuring; They should ask, “Protect us.”

Center-right when forming government. Meloni: Things are going well; We will be ready

Things are going well and we are working. We will be ready – announced on Wednesday the Italian news agency ANSA, which quoted the leader of the Italian Brothers party …

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– (Putin – Ed.) is against any initiative, opposes and faces pressure from all over Russia. Then he decides to launch a special operation; Troops will enter Ukraine and reach Kiev within a week to overthrow the incumbent government and install a new government, already elected by the Ukrainian minority, the former prime minister said.

According to his reconstruction, Russian troops entering Ukraine “met resistance from the Ukrainians, who on the third day began receiving money and weapons from the West.” Speaking of Zelensky, he said: “Let’s forget about him.”

On Thursday evening, Berlusconi called the studios of his TV station Mediaset to explain that his words were an “expression of concern” about the state of relations between Russia, Europe and the West and were taken from a “wider context”.

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