“August 15 is a black day”, “You will not silence us”. The Taliban dispersed the women’s protest by firing in the air World news

Monday, August 15, marks exactly one year since the government fell in Kabul and the Taliban seized power. On Saturday, two days before the anniversary, a group of about 40 women took to the streets of the Afghan capital to demand their rights. – bread, Work, Freedom! (…) Justice, justice! They chanted that they are fed up with ignorance. One of the banners read, “August 15 is a dark day.”

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Kabul journalists were detained and beaten by the Taliban. This protest was held to protect the rights of women

August 15 is “Black Day”. The Taliban repelled the women’s protest. They shot at the sky

He reports BBC, the congregation was chased by the Taliban who started shooting into the sky. Cell phones of the protestors were also confiscated. – This time they did not beat us so much – said one of the participants of the demonstration in an interview with the BBC. – They were shooting in the air. We are afraid, but we went out to protect the rights of girls, so the Taliban should at least open up to them. schools – she added.

Since the Taliban came to power, women’s rights have been severely curtailed. Many of them cannot work. The Afghan Ministry of Women’s Rights was also closed and girls were banned from attending high school. They cannot travel without a male guardian (officially this is more than 70 km from home). They cannot go to all public places (among other things, restrictions apply to entering amusement parks).

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“Brave Afghan women continue to protest against harsh Taliban rule on the streets of Kabul,” journalist Oliver Marston tweeted, posting footage of the protest.

– They will not close us, it is impossible. We will straighten from our own homes – he quoted Al Jazeera Munisa Mubaris, one of the protestors.

As the AFP reporter pointed out, some journalists covering the demonstration also stayed this time They beat By the Taliban.

In May, Taliban leader Haibatullah Agunzada ordered all women to cover their faces completely in public. “This policy shows a form of complete gender segregation and aims to make women invisible in society,” commented Richard Bennett, the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in Afghanistan during his visit in May.

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