America. The Supreme Court has rejected Donald Trump’s request to give Congress access to his tax returns

The US Supreme Court has rejected former US President Donald Trump’s request to block the House Finance Committee from accessing his and his companies’ tax returns. The legal battle that has been going on since 2019 has come to an end.

Supreme Court He responded to the request in the negative Donald TrumpTo overturn decisions of lower courts to allow congressional access to documents. This means the US IRS could soon release six years of tax information from the former president and some of his companies.

The commission started applying for the former president’s documents at the beginning of 2019, justifying it with the need to develop future regulations, e.g. Improving conflicts of interest and audits of current presidents. Trump’s lawyers argued that Democrats were using the information for political purposes to discredit him. Subsequent courts have agreed with Congress, holding that Congress has a right and interest in obtaining the documents.

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The court’s decision doesn’t give Congress much time to use the documents because Republicans will take control of the House, including the committee, in January.

Unlike his predecessors, Trump has refused to release his documents, including the former president’s tax returns, which have been the subject of controversy for years. In 2020, “New York Times” revealed some of them. Among other things, in 11 of the 18 years taken into account, Trump did not pay a cent in federal income tax, showing large losses.

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