Amazon workers at California aviation hub quit their jobs

Workers in amazon The San Bernardino Air Center in Southern California left work Monday in protest of better wages and working conditions.

why does it matter: More than 150 people took part in the strike as part of the first coordinated labor action in Amazon’s growing air freight network, according to Washington Post.

Yes, but: Amazon challenged that number. About 74 employees participated in Monday’s event, company spokesman Paul Flaningan told WashPost.

News Leadership: The independently organized workers are calling for a $5 an hour wage increase, improved health and safety standards, and an end to what they describe as “warehouse retaliation,” according to the report. a permit From Inland Empire Amazon Workers United.

  • The group leading the local movement says Amazon is the largest private sector employer in the Inland Empire and claims the company has failed to provide society with high-quality jobs amid Huge profits since the beginning of the epidemic.

what are they saying: “Whether we’re suffering from heat exhaustion, not being paid enough to afford rent, or experiencing retaliation for speaking out, we know we deserve better,” Inland Empire Amazon Workers United said.

  • “We demand higher standards.”

the other side: “We value and respect the direct relationship we have with our employees to discuss and deal with feedback.”

  • “With this open door policy, we have many channels of communication that we use, including All Hands meetings, that help us address employee concerns.”

In numbers: The Amazon Air Cargo Center, which opened last year, has about 1,500 employees.

  • It’s the company’s seventh air location in California and uses Amazon Prime-branded aircraft to send packages across the country.
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The Big Picture: It was amazon go back Against the efforts of unions in their operations in the United States.

deepen: Amazon’s labor union victory spurs a new labor movement

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