After the explosions in Presvodovo, General Milli called Valery Gerasimo. What is the reaction?

“We have made some attempts to contact General (Valery) Gerasimo, but without success,” General Milli told a press conference following a virtual meeting of Ukraine’s Defense Liaison Committee.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff noted that he contacted his Ukrainian counterpart, General Valerij Zalusnyi, and Polish Army General Staff General Rajmunt Andrzejczak immediately after the explosion.

Milli said his Ukrainian counterpart said “Ukraine will continue to fight Russia,” referring to the issue of potential negotiations with Russia.

Speaking about yesterday’s Russian attacks on Ukraine, General Milley assessed: Russia launched “at least 60” and probably 90-100 missiles.

– This is the biggest wave of bombs we have seen since the beginning of the war

he said. He called attacks on civilian targets “war crimes”.

“Russia is on its back and its military has been hit very hard,” said Mark Milley, the top US military general. At the same time he added There is little chance of a complete military withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory in the near future.

Milley refers to a question about his earlier assessment that the winter might offer an opportunity to offer diplomatic solutions to the war. As he noted, despite the great successes of the Ukrainian offensive around Kharkov and Kherson, Ukraine would have considerable difficulty in completely expelling the Russians from its territory.

– The military task of physically evicting the Russians from Ukraine is a very difficult task. That won’t happen in the next few weeks unless the Russian military collapses completely. And there aren’t many chances of that

Miley insisted.

At the same time he said this Ukrainians want to continue to put military pressure on Russia to further strengthen their positionI am

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– You want to negotiate from a position of strength. Russia now has its back. The Russian army is suffering very badly, the command is suffering very badly, they have suffered huge losses, killed and wounded (…) So you want to negotiate at a time when you are strong and your enemy is weak, and then a political solution will be reached. I am just saying that there is a chance.

Source:, PAP

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