After Supreme Court quota ruling, Nitish Kumar revives an old demand

Nitish Kumar said the cap deprives OBCs (other backward classes) of opportunities

Patna / Chennai:

A day after the Supreme Court upheld the center’s 10 percent quota for the poor or EWS (economically weakest sections) in jobs and education, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar called for a nationwide census while his Tamil Nadu counterpart MK Stalin said his government He will appeal the decision in court.

The Supreme Court said quotas are not discriminatory and do not change the basic structure of the constitution. The ruling is a major victory for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the center, which introduced a quota system ahead of the 2019 general elections, after losing three major northern states.

MK Stalin’s DMK will petition for review in the Supreme Court. “Governance is at the heart of the equality enshrined in the constitution,” the party said, noting that the quota is “against social justice and equality” and a setback to the century-old struggle for social justice.

Stalin also called a meeting of all parties on Saturday to discuss the way forward.

Nitish Kumar said the 50 per cent cap on bookings in the country should be scrapped.

“What the Supreme Court has ruled was fair enough. We have always been in favor of the quota. But it is time to raise the 50 per cent limit. The cap deprives OBCs (other backward classes) and EBCs (extremely backward classes) of opportunities commensurate with their population” Kumar, one of the leaders of the OBC who has appeared in the spotlight at the national level during the turmoil over the recommendations of the Mandal Commission for a share for the backward castes, said Mr.

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He called for a new appreciation of the size of different social groups, adding that he also raised the need for a class census with Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year.

The first minister said, “We were told that countries can make such numbers. We have done this process. But this must be done at the national level as well. There must be a rethinking of the question of the class census.”

Kumar’s former ally, the BJP, mocked his comments, claiming he was “obviously unhappy” with the poor upper classes getting a share.

The 50 percent cap was first requested to be canceled by RJD’s Lalu Yadav. Nitish Kumar got rid of the BJP and formed a new government with the AKP in August.

Congress supported the Supreme Court’s decision.

We welcome that. Scheduled Castes and Tribes should get reservations based on their population. Backward castes should get reservations according to the Mandal Commission. We support the court’s decision. Chhattisgarh ruling.

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