Abkhazia is protesting against Vladimir Putin. I don’t want a reserved villa World news

In 2008 Russia 20 percent were incorporated. sites GeorgiaAbkhazia and South Ossetia were created out of it. These countries are not recognized internationally.

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Georgia is getting smaller. Soldiers erected a fence in the middle of the village

Abkhazia protest against Vladimir Putin

In Abkhazia People took to the streets to protest the construction of Mani Mandapam Vladimir Putin In case. The puppet government wants to hand over to the President Russia 184 hectares Forests and 115 hectares of water area – the website reports Channel 24. The decision in the matter was announced on July 20 by Abkhazia’s self-proclaimed president Aslan Bijania. objections Parliamentary consideration of the decision to change the site was postponed.

Bijania explains that the transfer of lands to Russia was the result of an agreement concluded in 1995 regarding the transfer of the Black Sea city of Pitsunda. He explained his devotion by saying, “Putin wants to visit her, and Russia has a lot of money to equip the resort.”

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The deadline for the ultimatum has passed, Georgians protest. “Government should resign”

Russia is preparing to annex the occupied parts of Ukraine

Moscow – with the hands of pro-Russian separatists – is preparing to annex the occupied territories of eastern and southern Ukraine. The Kremlin Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson, Kharkiv and Zaporizhia regions are planning to join Russia in a referendum. The polls are scheduled to be held on September 11. On that day, elections of representatives of local self-government bodies will be held in Russia.

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In the “Medusa” portal, Zaporizhia region, local separatists have already signed a decree to establish a commission that will hold a referendum. Similar reports come from the occupied parts of the oblasts Kharkiv and Gerson. Earlier, pro-Russian separatists from self-proclaimed parties asked to join Russia Republics Luhansk and Donetsk.

Russia has been reporting since March on Moscow’s plans to connect the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine. media. Last week, reports on the matter were confirmed by the services of America and Great Britain.

Vladimir PutinIs it not Putin, but his twin, visiting Tehran?


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