ABC Changes Schedule as ‘The Good Doctor’ Moves to Tuesdays – DEADLINE

ABC today announced the premiere dates for its midseason lineup, which features the network’s scripted series returning after the hit. ABC is making a slew of scheduling changes.

He leads them The good doctorFrom its long run on Mondays at 10pm to Tuesdays at 10pm. The popular medical drama has been ABC’s Monday 10pm anchor since its launch. The rationale for the transfer is that drama versus an unscripted introduction tends to provide better retention.

This is not a hard and fast rule. I used NBC regularly the sound As a starting point for new drama series, the latest Irrational And is found, Both had respectable numbers this fall behind the singing competition on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

Over the past six seasons, The good doctor He also performed well on the follow-up ABC reality series on Mondays, Dancing with the stars or BSC. The network is now putting on another unscripted programme, a 20/20 A true crime limited series about the love crimes behind them BSC on monday.

ABC’s Tuesday lineup is being scrambled The good doctorArrival, with Hamilton scored Sliding from 8pm to 9pm and Will Trent And moving from 10 pm to 8 pm. Place two of the most watched series on ABC, Hamilton scored And good doctor, The cascade should create a massive block of programming for the network.

Another arrival, Fox’s arrival 9-1-1, which moved to ABC after last season, is shaking up its Thursday lineup. After three and a half seasons in first place at 8 p.m., the drama First Responder is here Station 19 Moves to 10 p.m., shifts from A Gray’s Anatomy Lead to lead. Instead, another first responder shows up, 9-1-1taking over at 8 p.m.

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The scheduling disc points to a new dynamic between Gray’s Anatomy And Station 19, with the spin-off being less dependent on the parent series, with fewer crossovers between them. (There will only be one this season.)

There are slight changes on Wednesday, with… He’s not dead yet Move to swing slot 8:30pm between Conners And Abbott Elementary After the end Goldberg. Judge Steve Harvey which aired nightly at 8pm, will now be followed by the comedy segment at 10pm. (ABC has not yet announced what will air at 9:30 p.m.)

Here is ABC’s current midseason lineup:

8 pm — BSC
10:01 PM — 20/20

8 pm — Conners
8:30 pm – He’s not dead yet
21:00 – Abbott Elementary
10 pm — Judge Steve Harvey

8 pm — American Idol
10 pm — what would you do?

8 pm — Will Trent
21:00 – Hamilton scored
10 pm — The good doctor

8 pm — 9-1-1
21:00 – Gray’s Anatomy
10 pm — Station 19

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